Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bout of Books #17: Wednesday

I've been reading:
Ghost Story by Peter Straub (pp. 229-251)
Different Seasons by Stephen King (pp. 321-377)
Pages read today: 80
Total pages read: 378

Today was a bit of a dud on the reading front. My mum came up to visit and we spent a very enjoyable day going around charity shops and homeware shops, where I bought yet more Doctor Who related kitchen stuff and yet more cat-related bedding. Hey, at least all the stuff in my house matches...

Afterwards she persuaded me to go home with her- I didn't need much persuasion, really, my parents' house is full of cats and tasty food- and then with dinner, then The Great British Bake Off, then playing with cats including one that doesn't even belong to us but who likes to invite himself in now and again... reading didn't really happen much. Oh well.

I gave up on trying to finish Ghost Story before it expires tomorrow at noon- it just wasn't going to happen. Hopefully I won't have to wait too much longer for the ebook to be available again. I also read the first fifty or so pages of "The Body" in Different Seasons and I'm enjoying it, although I did recently watch the The Simpsons episode parodying it, so... that's a hard visual to get rid of, lol.

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