Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bout of Books #17: Saturday and Sunday

I've been reading:
Shirley by Charlotte Bronte (pp. 75-92)
Pages read today: 18
Total pages read: 738

Um, yeah, so not a lot of reading happened this weekend. I was super busy- but in a fun way, involving going cool places with good people so it's all good. I was at work pretty much all day Saturday, then went out with an old friend I haven't seen since New Years. We went to the pub with a bunch of other people, taking up a table in the smoking area most of the night, drinking, talking rubbish, laughing a lot. It was really lovely.

Then Sunday was the Belfast Mela Festival, which is an annual festival dedicated to celebrating different cultures in Northern Ireland. There's music, theatre, crafts... and most importantly food. I got some seriously badass Vietnamese noodles.

Oh my god, these were amazing.

I hadn't been to the festival in years but there's just something so lovely about it. Northern Ireland is still so overwhelmingly white/British/Irish and xenophobia and racism can and have been serious problems here- so it's nice just to have something where differences are celebrated and shared. My little corner of Belfast is the most ethnically diverse area of Northern Ireland, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Anyway! All that led to very little time for reading. Oh well. My grand total pages count for the week is 738 pages, which isn't shockingly good or anything, but it's probably more than I would have read otherwise, and ain't that the point? That's me at the end of my epic nearly-three-weeks of readathonning. I think I'm going to kick back tonight with something on BBC iPlayer and maybe some colouring in :)

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