Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Re-readathon: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Wrap Up


I'm reading: Harry Potter et la coupe de feu
Pages read today: 8
Total pages read: 337
Total books completed: 3
Snacks consumed: coffee, moar chocolate
Today in six words: Don't blame me, blame Ikea! Probably.

Yeah, so today was a bit of a duff day for reading. I went to Ikea with my mum, because we are both Ikea addicts who enable each other's addiction. I got some organising stuff for my room as well as a rug and a nifty cat cushion. So, I came home and sorted my room out and felt proud of the fact that I am now someone who uses drawer dividers (shut up, my drawers look so much better now, seriously. I can actually find things in them.) And then I just sort of... did nothing. I was really tired and ended up lying in bed browsing tumblr until it was time to leave for my night shift. Some days productivity just doesn't happen. And that's okay.


I'm reading: Harry Potter et la coupe de feu
Pages read today: 69
Total pages read: 406
Total books completed: 3
Snacks consumed: more of the never-ending supply of Easter chocolate
Today in six words: Finally got my reading mojo back!


(Yes, I know it is technically Thursday and therefore the re-readathon is sort of over but as someone who works evenings/nights I'm a firm believer in "it's not tomorrow until I go to bed" :P )

I felt better today after feeling generally crappy yesterday, enough to go for a run, practice some music and make decent headway into Harry Potter before work... where I promptly nearly fainted. Yes, there was an incident involving me having to 'just lie down on the floor for a while'- thankfully I made it to the staff toilet to do that, so I didn't make a scene... So my general rubbishy feeling yesterday might actually be me coming down with something. Yay. I've felt better as the evening went on and even managed to eat something when I got home from work though, so fingers crossed it was just a blip.

Considering how busy I was today with work and that, I think my page count so far is pretty damn good! And especially since I'm reading in my second language which takes a lot more time and focus than reading in English. I'm finally out of the Quidditch World Cup and greatly looking forward to getting back to Hogwarts (or Poudlard, as it's called en français). I'm not planning on going to bed for another hour or so, so I should be able to squeeze a few more pages into the very end of this re-readathon!

Wrap up

So how did I do? Er, not brilliantly. I had hoped to, you know, finish some of the books on my pile, but that didn't happen. I did finish three books, two for uni and one for a read-along, so it's not all terrible. Just ignore that they were mostly finished anyway. Sssh.

Honestly, I think I just wasn't in a big reading mood this week? Which is sort of terrible that it happened during a readathon, but oh well. I finally made a start of Goblet of Fire which I've been meaning to do FOREVER, so it's not all a loss.

Thanks to Bex for hosting! I did have fun even if I didn't read as much as I would have liked. Roll on the next one!

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