Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Re-readathon: Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday's stats:

I'm reading: *coughs*
Pages read today: 0... technically.
Total pages read: 70
Total books completed: 1
Non-reread reading progress: 36 pages of The Gracekeepers. So, I did read something. Just not, you know, a reread like I'm supposed to. Also some Sherlock fanfiction... don't judge me :P
Snacks consumed: creme egg
Today in six words: Adorable cat sabotages my reading efforts!

So I work evenings mostly, and I'm usually pretty good at getting up at a reasonable time so I can actually get stuff done. But Tuesday morning, my cat was curled up beside me being all purry and snuggly and honestly, I wouldn't have moved if you paid me. I was so comfortable.

This is Missy. If I fail this re-readathon miserably, it's all her fault.

So, yeah, by the time I managed to extract myself from under her, drove up to Belfast, made some dinner and went to work, reading just didn't really happen. Got a little of The Gracekeepers read before bed, but that was all. Ah well.

Wednesday stats:


I'm reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber
Pages read today: 77
Total pages read: 147
Books completed: The Picture of Dorian Gray
Total books completed: 2
Non-reread reading progress:  FINISHED The Gracekeepers (74 pages), more 19th century periodicals
Snacks consumed: coffee, mostly
Today in six words: Finished Gracekeepers, let the re-reading commence!

Took myself to the library today to Get Uni Work Done and I finished Dorian Gray, yay! I seriously love that book. I'm quite looking forward to talking about it when I go back to uni after Easter- I know there's quite a few Wilde fangirls/boys in my class so it'll be fun geeking out about it together.

I got out of work relatively early (just after midnight- early for me!) and got stuck in to some reading- and I finally finished The Gracekeepers! It's less than 300 pages long and I loved it but for some reason it took me forever to read. So, now the re-reading can properly commence! Laptop's getting turned off soon and I'm going to try to make a start on The Crimson Petal and the White before bed.

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