Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bout of Books: Thursday


Reading: What Makes This Book So Great by Jo Walton, The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides


Pages read: 181 plus 1 hr 18 m of audio
Books finished: None today!
Total pages read: 1036 plus 3 hr 3 m of audio
Total books finished: 4

Pages read so far: 169 plus 1 hr 9 m of audio

I'm battling on valiantly between night shifts and working like hell on uni stuff. Tonight is my last shift before I'm off for two days- technically my weekend- and even though I'm planning to spend pretty much the entire of those two days writing essays, it still feels good to know I'm off work.

With Opal Plumstead behind me I'm back to normal sized pages, so my page count has slowed up a bit. The format of What Makes This Book So Great actually allows me to tear through it pretty well- all the essays are only a few pages long. So even when there's one about a book I don't care about, it's not long before the next one.

The Marriage Plot is kind of a revelation that I can actually follow audiobooks these days- I didn't used to. It's weirdly nice to be able to read when I'm walking to the library and making dinner. So, definitely good for read-a-thons!

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  1. I bought "What Makes This Book So Great?" in York last year but haven't got around to reading it yet, so I'm glad it's good. I'm sure when I've read it I'm going to have a sci-fi wishlist as long as my arm.

    Happy reading!