Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bout of Books 14: Thursday and Friday

Reading: NOS4R2
Pages read: 49
Total pages read: 304

My girlfriend came up yesterday so the rest of the day was dedicated to Forbidden Planet and watching The Great British Bake Off before retiring early for my 7am shift this morning (bleh). After work we went to see Paper Towns, which was actually really good, and I'm pretty much only home and settled now. So yeah, absolutely no reading has been going on, I'm sad to say. Still, I'm going to get a wee bit of NOS4R2 in before I go to bed, as I have another early start tomorrow morning. I'm not a morning person and never will be. What can I say? I like being awake in the evening. Mornings are over-rated, I say.

Hopefully some more reading will be going on tomorrow! I get out of work at 3, so that should give me a nice long afternoon of reading. Right? ...right?

Reading: Nada, unless you count fanfiction...
Pages read: Big fat zero
Total pages read: 304

Hahaha, no. So today was a total no-goer on the reading front. I was up early for another 7am start at work, got home about 3 totally exhausted and just lay on my bed reading fanfiction on my kindle, then I made dinner and had to drive back to Armagh for my other job at 10.30 the next morning, and basically spent the evening watching The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice, reading fanfic, and awwing over my kitten before going to bed embarrassingly early. So, yes. That was my day. I suppose I did read a fair bit of fanfic at least... sometimes I just go on a big binge with it.

Tomorrow I'll read, I swear!

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